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bat365在法律论坛以及与bat365在线平台团队产生共鸣的地方和人群中,都积极倡导社区参与. While our foundation as 芝加哥的一家律师事务所 has led us to many endeavors in the Midwest, t在这里 are circumstances w在这里 our resources have served great purpose elsew在这里.


罗伯特一个. 克利福德, who graduated from 马里斯特高中 in 1969, is still very connected to his school. 他被任命为模拟审判俱乐部的名誉主席, which aims to provide an educational experience to those interested in pursuing a career in the legal profession. He also sponsors the Marist Law Association’s annual Christmas social and golf outing. 最近, 鲍勃的援助, the group organized a virtual golf outing to benefit current school families, 谁正在经历与大流行有关的财政困难. 除了, Bob and his wife Joan invested in the school’s Faith and the Future campaign, 把马里斯特兄弟修道院变成了28,000平方英尺的科学中心和天文馆. 法医犯罪实验室以他们的名字命名.


罗伯特一个. 克利福德 is one of the Board of Overseers at the 兰德民事司法研究所.

根据 兰德公司的网站, “[的 Board of Overseers] advises the staff on the development of new research projects, consults researchers on issues of impartiality and autonomy in reporting results, 并帮助建立对研究所及其使命的支持.”

兰德民事司法研究所 is focused in making the civil justice system more efficient and more equitable through objective, 经验为基础, 分析研究.

想了解更多bat365该机构的信息,请点击 在这里.


罗伯特·克利福德采访了帕特·米尔希泽, 《bat365在线平台》和《bat365》的主编, 和麦克克莱默, 法律公报出版公司的出版人, along with a number of lawyers at the firm to discuss issues impacting the reporting of cases and legal events.


bat365每年都参加由芝加哥警察纪念基金会主办的“追忆跑步/步行”活动. 这个年度活动为“纪念之外的使命”筹集资金, which provides assistance to the families of our fallen and catastrophically injured officers.


作为美国律师协会法律社区参与倡议的一部分,鲍勃·克利福德在伊利诺伊州的法学院创立了美国律师协会日的概念, 鼓励法律系学生加入协会. 的 first annual ABA Day was held at Northern 伊利诺斯州 University College of Law on Wednesday, 4月8日, 2009.


就在911悲剧发生几天后, 当时的美国律师协会主席Robert Hirshon(2001-2002)任命Bob 克利福德为新成立的反恐与法律特别工作组的主席. 在为期一年的工作期间, 鲍勃领导着美国律师协会最大的部门, 大概有65个,来自全国各地的000名律师. 他向国会议员提出建议, 律政司, and the Executive Branch of the legal ramifications of the regulations that would impact thousands.

在他自己的芝加哥律师事务所工作之外, Bob also led a year of critical meetings w在这里 these issues were discussed and debated, 包括在波士顿法纳尔大厅举行的市政厅会议,来自全国各地最优秀、最聪明的人与主持人比尔·科蒂斯齐聚一堂. 焦点在于,公众对律师的印象日益淡薄, 这项事业是由当时的美国律师协会主席发起的, A.P. 卡尔顿(2002 - 2003). 市政厅会议的第二部分是对这个问题的妥协, which focused on the year-long study Bob personally commissioned on the public perception of lawyers. 狮子座J. 夏皮罗 & 总部位于芝加哥的全国性研究组织Associates进行了这项研究.


十多年来, bat365 sponsors a student and also hires five students each semester part-time and, 后来成为公司的全职员工. 学术资助水平相当于在私立学校教育一个学生一年的费用. Cristo Rey boasts a 100 percent acceptance rate of its seniors into college. 这所学校的总注册人数为400人, 让来自贫困社区的年轻人能够为那些原本负担不起的家庭获得优质教育.


每一个圣诞节, bat365 participates in the Chicago Bar Association’s Letters to Santa Program, 哪些服务于这个城市的贫困儿童和家庭. 芝加哥律师事务所的员工采用了一间教室, 给圣诞老人回信的男孩和女孩, and delivers gifts before Christmas so the children can put them under their trees at home. If you would like to “adopt” a family or help distribute letters at your firm, 致电(312)554-2032或电子邮件 yls@chicagobar.org.


的 CBA Young Lawyers Section holds an annual book donation drive to help incarcerated children and teenagers. Thousands of children’s paperback books are generously donated for the Nancy B. Jefferson Alternative School Library located at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. 这是bat365在线平台对全社会参与的承诺的一部分, the staff at bat365 contributes time and several books to this worthy cause.


作为“向青年伸出援手”律师协会的理事, bat365在线平台芝加哥律师事务所的一名律师帮助决定向芝加哥地区的青年辅导项目提供资助.


近年来, Joan and Bob 克利福德 hosted a reception to help raise money for the Chicago Bar Foundation (CBF), CBA的慈善部门. CBF通过公益组织帮助低收入和处境不利的芝加哥人获得法律信息和援助,并帮助律师从事法律援助职业.


bat365继续大力支持芝加哥律师基金会(CBF)的“投资正义”运动. 鲍勃·克利福德(Bob 克利福德)是致力于通过这个重要的社区参与项目帮助公益和法律援助组织的创始和支持成员之一. “投资于正义”运动依靠芝加哥地区的律师, 律师事务所和公司以个人名义捐款,以扩大该地区的公益和法律援助组织的能力, 并资助一些创新项目,使司法系统更易于使用,为有需要的人提供便利.


Kevin P. Durkin, 高伟绅律师事务所合伙人, 2008年被任命为德保罗大学法学院公共利益咨询委员会的首任主席,当时该中心成立了一个咨询委员会,以实现其目标. 公共利益中心在学校有着悠久的传统, working to serve the poor and underrepresented with a sense of commitment; while encouraging and mentoring others to help the underprivileged in the community.


In 2009, 鲍勃·克利福德被任命为伊利诺伊州北部和威斯康星州南部执法航空联盟的董事会成员. LEAC是一个非营利性慈善组织,由合作的消防/救援和执法机构组成,提供免费服务, 24小时直升机支援执法及消防/救援机构.


鲍勃·克利福德在伊利诺斯州领导了一个受害者组织, 这是为了帮助那些因劣质产品而受害的人, 疏忽的医生和可避免的事故. 这一组, 现在有数百人来自全州各地, is an organization based in Springfield dedicated to helping the injured fight anti-consumer legislation. 他们中的许多人, 一些坐在轮椅上, have made the trek to the state’s capital in a plea to legislators to vote against tort reform bills. 他们, 和像鲍勃这样的律师一起, 是在1997年12月伊利诺斯州推翻所谓的“侵权法改革”法案的先锋吗. 这一组 continues to be of great importance to the Chicago area and the law firm.


每年, 在芝加哥南部的西普尔曼小学,鲍勃·克利福德陪同其他法官和律师向低收入家庭的孩子们传递圣诞精神和节日礼物.

St. 詹姆斯教区大衣大道

每一个圣诞节的早晨, 米歇尔, Elise和Mark Menaker, children of bat365’ Communications Partner Pamela Sakowicz Menaker, help their mom feed the homeless and pass out clothing donations to the underprivileged at St. 芝加哥南区的詹姆斯·帕里什. This event has been part of the law firm’s community 参与 interests for a number of years.


艾玛·科扎克生来就患有一种罕见的癌症. Thanks to early detection and advances in medicine, she is a cancer survivor. Cycle For Survival is a cancer research fundraising event w在这里 teams of cyclists, 包括艾玛的团队——艾玛的八人组, 包括她爸爸在室内骑四个小时吗. All funds raised go to research efforts at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in 纽约 城市. 在一年的时间里,“艾玛的八个人”筹集了近2万美元. 如果你想参与艾玛的筹款活动,你可以去 www.cycleforsurvival.org 并向艾玛八人组捐款. Emma was the 2012 poster child for this community 参与 event on a national scale.



在芝加哥bat365的推荐下, 洛约拉大学正在参加这个重要的社区参与方案,其中包括一个四小时的培训课程,让学员学习如何识别酒精中毒紧急情况并有效应对.

的 mission of this program is to provide campus community members with a greater knowledge, 参与, awareness and skills to prevent student toxic drinking deaths and to promote a student culture of kindness, 责任, 同情和尊重. 这项全国性的运动旨在训练学生,当有同学因饮酒过量而昏倒时,如何采取适当的措施.


在bat365的推荐下, 德保罗大学, 这是资深合伙人罗伯特·克利福德的母校, 实施了“红表带计划”.


鲍勃·克利福德也抽出时间参与继续法律教育,回馈职业社会. 他捐赠给母校, 德保罗大学法学院, with the first Tort Law and Social Policy Chair in the largest single gift to the school. 自1995年以来, 在律所的帮助下,芝加哥法学院每年举办一次为期两天的研讨会,让来自全国各地的专家讨论对民事司法系统至关重要的问题. Mr. 克利福德 has always insisted that the two-day symposium be free to the public. 然后,他确保德保罗法律评论的工作人员将书面材料发表在《bat365在线平台》的特刊上, so that more people can share the efforts of this monumental task and highly educational program. It has become the 44th most quoted publication throughout the United 状态s.

bat365, 芝加哥的一家律师事务所, 是否已被伊利诺伊州批准为该州强制性继续法律教育(CLE)课程的认证提供者. 第一个程序, 于2008年2月提供, was a two-hour ethics/professionalism seminar with Northwestern University 教授 Robert Burns.

In 2009, a two-hour program was offered with a panel of speakers on 的 Ethics of Lincoln the Lawyer, 纪念亚伯拉罕·林肯诞辰200周年. Held at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield as well as on the web, 节目的主角是罗杰·比林斯, 教授, 蔡斯法学院, Northern 肯塔基州 University; Mark Steiner, 教授, South 德州 College of Law and author of “An Honest Calling: 的 Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln”; and Vincent Vitullo, 荣誉退休教授, 德保罗大学法学院. Hundreds of 伊利诺斯州 lawyers took advantage of this free program either in person or electronically.

In 2010, 近1,000人注册参加了一个前沿研讨会, E-Discovery与社交媒体的伦理. 主持人约翰·Barkett, 电子证据发现》的作者, 和詹姆斯·甘, ARDC首席顾问, 他在一个生动的问答环节上讲了两个小时,这个环节对该州所有的律师都是免费的.


芝加哥的bat365(bat365)在芝加哥哈丽雅特·比彻·斯托费恩和表演艺术学院(Harriet Beecher Stowe Fine and Performing Arts Academy)的模拟审判比赛中,率先为该律师事务所的学生提供辅导和指导.


鲍勃·克利福德一直活跃在德保罗大学校友会,他是校董事会最年轻的成员. Mr. 克利福德 also was selected as Chairman of DePaul’s College of Law Capital Development Fund, which is raising thousands of dollars to improve the law school’s Chicago campus.

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